Organize a private party at La Fabbrica

Do you have an event to celebrate and are looking for a place to have a good time with your friends? Right in the center of Brussels, take advantage of our 350 m² and all our facilities to organize your party in Tour et Taxis.

In addition to its exceptional location, our venue offers parking facilities (plenty for your visitors), metro and public transport nearby. The ideal place to celebrate with your guests. For more information, please contact us.

An exceptional venue to celebrate an event

Finding a venue for a party in Brussels is no easy task. That's why La Fabbrica is the place for you. Firstly, because you'll be able to party in a unique venue. Secondly, we have the technical infrastructure to organize a special evening that your guests will remember.

We can furnish and decorate our prestigious hall to suit your wishes and budget. Our professional team offers all the services you need to make your evening a success: bar, staff, parking, catering (walking dinner, sit-down dinner, pizza party etc.), lights, disco ball… Welcome up to 450 guests in an atmosphere you won't find anywhere else.

The advantages of renting our party room

An evening in the heart of Brussels

A successful party starts with the right venue. The great advantage of La Fabbrica is that we can offer you a warm, atypical venue in the center of Brussels. You benefit from all the advantages of our capital (public transport, parking, proximity) without compromising on space or venue quality.

A venue for all types of parties

Whatever the theme of your party or event, La Fabbrica can cater to your every need. Whether you want to enjoy an exceptional dinner with friends or organize a dance party in an electric atmosphere, we have a whole range of services at your disposal.

On request, we can provide a checkroom, security personnel who will only let guests on your guestlist in, a private ginguette, a dedicated DJ who can adapt to your musical tastes and even play tracks from your playlist, a variety of entertainment (also for children), and the possibility of a concert…

Numerous configurations to welcome your guests

Depending on the type of event you'd like to organize with your friends or family, La Fabbrica offers a wide range of configurations. We have 190 seats spread over 3 levels (first floor, podium, and mezzanine), as well as an indoor terrace.

La Fabbrica

Avenue du Port 86C
1000 Bruxelles
02 428 5026

Request a quote

Call us on 0489/51.59.39 or make a request online.

Our various packages

We offer a wide choice of packages for your event. You can choose from a seated dinner (deluxe menu), our Italian buffets, a standing buffet, our barbecues or appetizers

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Frequently asked questions

Is parking available nearby for guests?

Yes, the Fabbrica has parking facilities nearby. You and your guests can take advantage of many parking spaces to park in complete peace of mind. What's more, La Fabbrica is ideally located, with excellent public transport links to Tour et Taxis and the surrounding area.

Do you offer sound and lighting services?

Absolutely, we provide you with professional installations to ensure your evening's entertainment. Our technical equipment includes a sound system and light shows adapted to musical programming or the presence of a DJ.

Does La Fabbrica offer additional services, such as catering?

La Fabbrica does indeed offer catering and beverage packages. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or specific requests. We're here to make your evening at La Fabbrica memorable and unique!

How do I contact La Fabbrica to book my party?

To find out more about renting La Fabbrica or to book a private room for a festive evening, don't hesitate to call us or send us a message.