Take advantage of La Fabbrica's catering services in Brussels

Located in the center of the Entrepôt Royal de Tour et Taxis in Brussels, La Fabbrica welcomes you in a prestigious setting in the heart of Brussels, at lunchtime and for all your events: corporate or private parties, weddings, and birthdays.

Our team of professionals offers a full range of catering services, so you can make the most of this warm and historic venue.

A complete and diversified catering service

To meet your every need, La Fabbrica offers a complete catering service.

A complete range of menus to suit all tastes

To organize a successful event, welcoming your guests with quality products is a priority for us. That's why we offer a range of menus inspired by Italian gourmet cuisine, sure to please even the most discerning palate.

We offer 5 different menus, ranging from €30 to €60 (excl. VAT) per person. In these, you'll be able to choose between several courses, side dishes and desserts to ensure that meals are suitable for everyone.

These are served as buffets or at the table for the Prestige Menu.

Zakouskis to accompany your meal

What would a festive meal be without convivial starters? That's why our catering service also includes zakouskis prepared by our experienced chefs:

As an option when preceded by a menu, our zakouskis are available at €12.5 (excl. VAT) per person for 5 pieces (2 choices of luxury zakouskis and 3 choices of classic zakouskis) or at €9 (1 luxury zakouski and 2 classic zakouskis).

Open bar formulas for drinks

We offer a bar and a wide range of beverages. Our beverage service offers 3 formulas to suit your needs and desires:

  OPEN BAR Bubble OPEN BAR Enoteca OPEN BAR Senza
Sopralerighe Prosecco Treviso X    
Red wine: Toscana (Donna Terra) X X  
White wine: Pinot Grigio (Donna Terra) X X  
Cristal beer X X  
Fruit juices, still & sparkling water, soft drinks X X X
Fair-trade coffee, espresso, and tea X X X
Price 8 € (excl. vat.) per person per hour 6.50 € (excl. vat.) per person per hour 4.50 € (excl. vat.) per person per hour

We also offer you the possibility of adding an assortment of special beers.

Please note that open-bar formulas are only available for a minimum of 3 consecutive hours.

Everything you need for an exceptional event at La Fabbrica

In addition to our catering services, we offer a wide range of other services such as entertainment. For example, we can advise you on the choice of a photo booth, casino tables, children's entertainment, face painting or a bouncy castle.

La Fabbrica is equipped with sound and lighting equipment for dance parties. Our DJ will be delighted to liven up your evening. A 4-hour performance is available at €550 (excl. VAT). Please note that a compulsory "unisono" (sabam) fee of €170 (excl. VAT) is payable for dances (excluding weddings).

Optional services such as check room, security, and equipment rental (screen and projector) are also available.

How can I take advantage of La Fabbrica's catering service?

Would you like to organize an event at La Fabbrica and take advantage of our full catering service in Brussels? Contact us to find out more about our opening hours, prices and to receive a personalized quote.

La Fabbrica

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Our various packages

We offer a wide choice of packages for your event. You can choose from a seated dinner (deluxe menu), our Italian buffets, a standing buffet, our barbecues or appetizers

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